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Safely Scented with Wood Wick Candles

Wood Wick Soy Candles

Wood Wick Candles that Burn Clean and Smell Delicious

When it comes to your home, you deserve eco-friendly candles and scents that are safe and natural.

Unlike most of the fragrance options currently on the market, our inventory of wood wick candles, soy wax melts, and natural room sprays leave your home smelling fresh without the risk of toxic chemicals.

Natural Soy Candles Made from Only the Best Ingredients

Our incredible vendor, Wicks Studio, painstakingly chooses a selection of premium soy waxes that are 100% natural. That means they are not only free from products, such as:



Animal Products

Beeswax Products

But these soy candles with wood wicks are also free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and Genetically Modified Materials.

Even the wood wicks are made using exclusively natural and sustainable wood. These wicks are always free from chemicals.

How Do These Wood Wick Candles Burn?

The words "clean burning candle" say it all.

Void of any carcinogens or pollutants, these candles are much less likely to induce any sort of allergic reaction. 

Along with premium soy wax, these wood wick candles also contain natural essential oils that provide powerful scents that are capable of filling a room.

If your goal is a cozy home packed with a decadent scent, these candles are exactly what you need!