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Ocean - Live Edge All-Wood iPhone 7 Case by Carved

Exclusive Limited Time Offer! Only One Available!

American Made and Crafted from 100% Solid Wood

Inspired by the ocean, this unique one-of-a-kind iPhone 7 case is handcrafted from one solid piece of maple wood all the way around the edges, with no plastic or rubber casing.

Each piece of sustainably sourced wood is hand selected, hand carved, and hand finished to form this amazing and completely unique case. 

A colored resin is used to fill in the knot holes, cracks and natural characteristics of the wood. It also forms a strong bond, a smooth surface, and a stunning natural design that will protect your phone from every day life.

This exclusive limited time offer is one of only two handmade live edge cases, built by the talented craftsmen at Carved.

Get yours now before they are gone!


Live Edge Wooden Phone Cases by Carved