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One Product - One Tree: How Do Your Purchases Help?

by Kristen Bergeron March 16, 2017

One Product - One Tree: How Do Your Purchases Help?

Sustainable Wood Gifts for Men & Women

When you buy one of our incredible wood products, it's not just about fashion and style.

Thanks to our wonderful partnership with Trees for the Future we have the ability to plant a tree for every product sold. Whether it's a large wood map, or something as small as a pen ink refill, your purchase makes a profound difference in this beautiful planet we call home.

The "Co-Benefits" of Sustainable Shopping

One of the things that Trees for the Future puts a focus on is educating the public on the "co-benefits" of each tree planted through their organization.

For starters, each tree plays a part in protecting the global environment by offsetting approximately 34.6 lbs of carbon per tree, per year. With a lifespan of twenty years, that's 692 lbs of carbon per tree!

These trees also serve as a way of sustaining the African communities in which they are being planted.

The trees themselves are planted by local residents who have been given jobs by Trees for the Futures as farmers. They are provided training and education that typically would not have been accessible to them.

Villages and communities also benefit from the wide range of food products and essential nutrition derived from the trees. Here's a list of the various edible resources harvested from these forests:

  • Peanuts (as shown in photo above)
  • Mangoes
  • Citrus
  • Avocados
  • Coconut
  • Guava
  • Moringa
  • Date
  • Tamarind
  • African Plums
  • Pears

Another co-benefit of the trees you help to plant is the protection they offer villagers by decreasing erosion risk and acting as a natural barrier against the wind. They also work to help control temperatures and air quality. 

One Small Purchase Can Make a World of Difference

As you can see, the good that comes from each purchase made at The Wood Reserve goes far beyond putting a seed into the ground. Each time you buy one of our products you are providing a better lifestyle, vital nutrition, and environmental protection.

So thank you for contributing to this wonderful cause and helping us to create a sustainable site. It may not feel like much, but your purchase is working to better the lives of so many.

Kristen Bergeron
Kristen Bergeron


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