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About Us

About The Wood Reserve
For Ryan and Kristen, the owners and founders of The Wood Reserve, owning a business is about more than just dollars and cents. It's about creating a space for conversation and the exchange of ideas. It's about providing products that rise above function and say something rather than simply existing.
The sophistication and reliability of wood have made it a popular choice amongst craftsman for generations. It's natural beauty and flowing grains tell a story that other textiles aren't capable of.
At The Wood Reserve, the primary goal is to offer merchandise that lives up to the dependable reputation of wood while lending itself to the stylish, and ever-changing, modern world we live in. 
High standards were used to choose the vendors and products that you see on this site, and each item offers unique spins on classic ideas. These products are more than just run of the mill selections, they are sleek, well-made, and the perfect choice for any lifestyle. 
Ryan and Kristen were each raised on the Gulf coast of Florida in a small city called Bradenton. They currently reside there with their two girls, Hadley & Scarlett.
Ryan has a lifelong love of the water and can often be found kayaking and fishing. He is a woodworking hobbyist that enjoys working with different wood types to create unique pieces.
Originally a Construction Management major, Ryan's path was redirected after a water skiing accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Shifting his focus to business marketing and management, he was driven to use the skills he'd learned and start a business for himself and his family.
Kristen is a wife, mother, writer, and photographer. She's also a lover of good food, great wine, and whatever book she can get her hands on. 
Her love of words has translated itself into the business and helped to create the content and brand that you see throughout the website. 
This husband and wife team is excited that you've stopped by and hopes that you enjoy these products just as much as they do.

Welcome to The Wood Reserve!