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Characteristics of Eastern White Pine Wood

Thank you for your interest in our solid wood furniture from The Wood Reserve.

Since each piece is unique and built-to order for every customer. we thought it was important to give you a little bit of information about the wood that your furniture is build from.

Since much of furniture that you'll see on our website is built from Eastern White Pine Wood, this page will give you some information about the characteristics of this wood type and what to expect when you buy a piece of furniture that is built from it.

Characteristics of Pine Furniture

At The Wood Reserve, our goal is to provide quality handcrafted solid wood furniture for an affordable price and pine furniture allows us to do just that.

Eastern White Pine Wood has fine straight grains and is whitish in color. It is lightweight and softer than many other wood types, but it is great to work with and is a favorite of carpenters and woodworkers.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to owning pine furniture. Some of the pros that it is known for, include the fact that pine furniture takes paints & stains very well and is often the wood of choice for painted furniture because of its uniform texture. It is also the wood of choice for many when looking for distressed furniture as you will see with many of our painted pieces. The consistent color makes it the perfect canvas for finishers. 

The pine furniture that you see here at The Wood Reserve, comes standard with light distressing when you choose a painted finish and it is not uncommon to see knots showing through the finish and small imperfections in the wood throughout the piece that add to its character and provides an antique/distressed look.

You will notice that most of our pine furniture is built in the farmhouse or country style because of how well it looks with painted and distressed finishes.

Amish Pine Hoosier Cabinet

Some of the cons to keep in mind when purchasing pine furniture is that pine wood is softer than many wood types, so it can dent or scratch easier. It also can sometimes have more knotholes than other woods. This, for many can also  be considered a pro because it adds more character, but it's important to keep in mind that knots will show through the finish and may not completely be covered by paints or stains.

The last thing to keep in mind, is that pine wood has a yellow resin that can sometimes bleed through knotholes over time and if your furniture has a lighter finish, you might start to notice a slight color change in areas on the surface of your furniture. You may notice this on some pieces, but not others and direct sunlight can cause this to happen faster. Some people like the additional antiqued look from the resin, but it depends on your specific taste.

The picture below shows an example of this on a hutch with a white painted finish.

Pine Furniture
Each piece of handcrafted furniture is unique and may not look exactly like the photos on our website.
The characteristics listed above are natural traits of the wood and are also what make this furniture so desirable. The skilled woodworkers that craft each piece use care and decades of experience to make sure it is built with heirloom quality standards.
If you have more questions about Eastern White Pine Wood Furniture, please feel free to reach out to The Wood Reserve team at