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Wood of the Month: Burl Wood

by Kristen Bergeron September 19, 2017

Wood of the Month: Burl Wood


So What is Burl Wood?

When it comes to Burl Wood, there tends to be a little bit of mystery about what it really is. Is it a type of tree, a type of processing? We've got your answers here!

While the wood grain in most trees runs in a semi-regular and predictable pattern, the gorgeous swirling appearance of burl wood truly sets itself apart. 

One thing to know about Burl Wood is that it doesn't come from a specific type of tree. You can have maple burl, walnut burl, mahogany burl - just about anything.

Burl wood comes from growths that will sometimes develop on tree trunks. These growths can be caused by things like:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Plant Viruses 

The tree itself usually remains in good health, but from the outside these growths can seem quite unappealing. Cut into them, however, and you'll find yourself face to face with some of the most beautiful wood imaginable.

Products Made from Burl Wood

One of the incredible things about burl wood is the variety of products it can be used to make. 

Chronograph Burl Wood Watch

You can find entire table tops constructed entirely from one slice of burl, along with a wide variety of other furniture. On our site, however, you'll see burl wood used in items such as:

  • Wood Watches
  • Wood Phone Cases
  • Wood Power Bank
  • Wood Ink Pens

Burl Wood Pen

The beauty of burl is in its uniqueness and it lends itself exquisitely to the products on our site!


Kristen Bergeron
Kristen Bergeron


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